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Hello. My name is Kathleen Quaife and I am an illustrator and an effects animator by profession. I also teach life drawing at two Universities in California as well as Traditional Animation and Flash animation. For years I kept taking Glenn Vilppu's life drawing classes at the Cartoonist Union (The Animation Guild) in North Hollywood ( and Karl Gnass and Steve Houston) and eventually it came my turn to go up to bat and I really enjoy being able to spread the love and drawing from Live model. Once a year I bring Glenn in to give a guest lecture in my class and all around, life is sweet! I'm grateful to everyone who has set me on this path. Check out my blog, which will be updated more often than this website. This is the first website that Iíve put together, I'm building this with Notepad and learning HTML as I go, so if it seems crude, well, it is, for now. My garage is filled with thousands of animation drawings from the dozens of projects that Iíve worked on as an effects production designer and effects animator; most of the art is pencil drawings, and I can guarantee the gallery will evolve, and Iíll soon add short animation clips. I'm freelancing now, but look forward to full time work, always interested to discuss the next project So don't be shy, contact me if there is anything I can do to help on your current or next project. Iím calling my company QuaifeDesignWorks, because Quaife design works!

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